Google is a popularity search engine, it wants popular and authoritative sites at the top of search results. To get your website above your competitors, your site needs to be more popular and authoritative on it's subject than theirs. This is not easy and success is not guaranteed. To help you achieve this, I provide an initial website promotion service to get you started, and then additional website promotion as required.

Initial Promotion

Initial website promotion lays the groundwork; setting up site statistics for monitoring performance, creation and submission of a sitemap to help Google index your website, initial keyword research to identify better keywords for your pages, and initial testing of your site for SEO issues. With my website maintenance service, I can make any required changes to your website.

  • Site statistics and webmaster tools setup - for monitoring performance.
  • Sitemap creation and submission - to help Google find your pages.
  • Initial keyword research - to identify better keywords for your pages.
  • Initial SEO test of your web pages - to identify common issues.

Additional Promotion

Additional website promotion focuses on traffic growth; backlink research to identify quality websites that could link to yours and boost your popularity, pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive targeted traffic to your site, monitoring of site statistics to gauge performance and identify improvements, traffic growth suggestions to help get your site to the top.

  • Backlink research - to identify quality websites that could link to yours and help boost it's popularity.
  • Pay Per Click advertising campaign setup and management - to send targeted traffic to your website.
  • Monitoring of site statistics - to gauge performance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Traffic growth suggestions, additional keyword research, and SEO testing as required.

Free SEO Test

Test your website for SEO issues and get automatic suggestions to fix them with my Free SEO Test! Enter a web address to perform a test on and target keyword to test within the page's text. For the purpose of SEO, the meaning of keyword can be a single word or phrase. Click the search button to view your SEO test report, including automatic suggestions to fix common SEO issues.

I also provide web design, development, redesign, optimization and maintenance services.

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19 Years Experience

Hire me to create a new basic or advanced website, or online store. Redesign or update your existing website, add new features, fix errors, improve usability, help with search engines, and maximize goals. I'm also here to help you with; domain names, web hosting, online marketing, site statistics, and more.

Worldwide Service

Whatever your service, product or location, I can design a website for your company. In 19 years I've worked for a wide range of companies in Canada, USA, and overseas. Enquiries from all industries are very welcome. If you are looking for a particular style, I can create a website to meet your requirements.

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