Give your website a tune-up with my website optimization service. Errors, slow loading pages, difficult navigation, unclear goals - lack of optimization could be losing you visitors. I can fix these problems and give your website performance a boost.

Eliminate Errors

I use a variety of tools that test all aspects of your website, eliminating errors which can turn off your visitors. For example, your website may work well in a web browser made by one company, and be completely unusable in another browser. That may sound like an extreme example, it can happen. I'll give your website a full test to make sure all of your visitors have a great experience.

Increase Speed

Slow loading pages are frustrating and lose customers. I will identify the causes and fix them, speeding up your pages. For example, apart from network issues, one of the main reasons for slow loading pages is images. An over-designed layout, large file size images, or simply too many images are the usual culprits. There are a variety of methods to correct these problems and other reasons for slow loading pages.

Improve Usability

If your website is hard to use, you risk visitors getting lost and not reaching your goal pages. I can review your website and suggest improvements that will steer your visitors to where you want them to go. For example, people may expect your contact page to be accessible from the main menu, if they can't find it they could leave in a hurry. Not following standard usability conventions can lose you customers.

Maximize Goals

A goal is an important event that you define as a successful and desirable action on your website. An example of a goal is an online store's add to cart button being clicked or a contact form submission on a standard website. Once your visitor reaches your goal page, is it clear enough what the required action is? I'll help you to ensure that your goal pages produce the results that you want to achieve!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to help move your website up the search results to the coveted page one, and keep it there! I provide SEO and other promotion services, see my website promotion service for more details.

I also provide web design, development, redesign, promotion and maintenance services.

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19 Years Experience

Hire me to create a new basic or advanced website, or online store. Redesign or update your existing website, add new features, fix errors, improve usability, help with search engines, and maximize goals. I'm also here to help you with; domain names, web hosting, online marketing, site statistics, and more.

Worldwide Service

Whatever your service, product or location, I can design a website for your company. In 19 years I've worked for a wide range of companies in Canada, USA, and overseas. Enquiries from all industries are very welcome. If you are looking for a particular style, I can create a website to meet your requirements.

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