Keep your website fresh and inviting with my website maintenance service. This is an on-going process of updating pages when required, adding new pages or features, fixing issues, and website promotion when needed. No maintenance contract is required, simply send me your requirements. Minor changes can be made same day. If it only takes a few minutes you only pay for those minutes.

Update Pages

Out of date content is a big turn off to your website visitors. It could take as little as a few minutes for me to make minor text changes or replace an old image. For example, if you have a page that lists upcoming events that actually took place several years ago, your potential customer may wonder if you are still in business. I can keep your pages up to date with your latest information.

Add Pages & Features

Adding a new basic or advanced page can also be quick. Adding fresh content to your website keeps visitors coming back, Google loves new and unique content! Add new features to your website that will hold your visitors interest; a gallery, blog, web directory, members area, custom advanced page, and more. Instead of simply informing people about your products or services, you can actually sell them.

Fix Issues

Don't let issues with your website lose you visitors, typically I can fix most issues that arise on the same day they are discovered. For example, sometimes a website owner that makes an occasional change to their website will inadvertently cause something to break. An image could suddenly seem to disappear, maybe an error message is displayed. Things like that reflect on your business, potential customers may assume you are unprofessional.

I also provide web design, development, redesign, optimization and promotion services.


19 Years Experience

Hire me to create a new basic or advanced website, or online store. Redesign or update your existing website, add new features, fix errors, improve usability, help with search engines, and maximize goals. I'm also here to help you with; domain names, web hosting, online marketing, site statistics, and more.

Worldwide Service

Whatever your service, product or location, I can design a website for your company. In 19 years I've worked for a wide range of companies in Canada, USA, and overseas. Enquiries from all industries are very welcome. If you are looking for a particular style, I can create a website to meet your requirements.

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