Over the years I've refined an efficient system to make things as easy as possible for you, and keep your price as low as possible. Part of this system is my work process.

Below is my work process for completing tasks that may last a few minutes, hours, days or even weeks. Everything is done in clear stages, moving to the next stage only when the previous one is completed and approved by you. Some projects may not involve every one of the stages.


For new clients, use my instant estimator to get a free instant estimate. I will review your requirements and then give you a manually confirmed estimate for your approval. For more complex requirements or if you prefer, contact me instead. Existing clients normally contact me for an estimate.


Before I begin work I'll ask you for information that I need. For new clients, this will include your domain name and web hosting details for example. Other information may depend on your project, an online store will need a payment gateway for example. If you don't have this or any other details I ask for, no problem, just let me know and I'll help you with everything.


If I require web page content from you, I'll ask you to send me content such as text and images. I'm here to help with any questions you have about the text and images that will work best. Sometimes I am only given a minimal amount of content to work with. In the next stage I create a mock-up based on your requirements, for which you can give feedback and approval.


The design stage investigates possible design solutions for your project, and results in a mock-up or diagram that demonstrates the completed project.

Typically this will involve designing the layout of a new website, or it could be designing a small change to an existing website, or it may be a diagram of a database or complex website.

The mock-up is a fast and efficient way to show you what the completed project will look like and approve. This reduces feedback changes in the development stage and I also use it for reference, saving time and money.

You will be kept informed throughout the design stage and can give me feedback.


The development stage is where I do the work on your actual website. During this stage I will create new pages or alter existing pages, create a database if required, whatever is needed to make your website a reality or get it updated with new content or features.

If the design stage was required, I use the approved mock-up or diagram that I created as a reference for doing the development work. This is efficient and saves time in completing the development stage because most of the investigation work has already been done.

You will be kept informed throughout the development stage and can give me feedback at any time.


When everything is completed and approved by you, I'll do all the setup required to make your new website or changes available to the world.

Optimization, Promotion & Maintenance

Creating your website is just the beginning. There's an on-going process of promoting it, making sure it achieves its goals, and keeping it fresh and up to date. How much of that you do yourself or ask me to do is your choice. However, it is essential that a new website is promoted. I can do online promotion of your new website or an existing website, or help you to do it yourself.

It's also important that your website is reviewed by either yourself or me for any issues that could cause a problem, or for possible improvements that could make it work even better. I can optimize certain parts of your website that are not achieving their goals, add content to keep it fresh, make major or minor changes, whatever is required to keep it running smoothly.


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