The innate desire to be a designer, the variety in my education, plus my employment experience has given me a solid foundation as a freelance web designer. Working on my own requires me to have a wide knowledge; not just how to lay out a web page, but also to understand advanced coding, maintaining good client and service provider relationships, project management, and problem solving.

19 Years Experience

I've been employed in the field of web design for 19 years. That much experience makes a big difference, I don't just dive in and start a project. I investigate, I plan, and I prepare. This process actually ends up saving time, which saves you money. I create websites quickly and efficiently, keeping future development in mind, and making sure pages are error free and work in the popular web browsers. I'm also here to help you with; domain names, web hosting, online marketing, site statistics, and other website related matters.

My Tools

Over the years I've used the most popular tools to create websites, including; Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop and Notepad++. I have many years of experience with the most common website scripting technologies; HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP and JavaScript. Most advanced websites require a database to function, and I have years of experience with the two most popular website database tools MS SQL Server and MySQL. This range of experience allows me to create a website on virtually any hosting platform. Linux based hosting solutions are the most common, and so PHP and MySQL are core skills. If knowledge of a particular technology is required, I have the experience to learn fast and become expert on it.

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