After I completed my higher education, I went on to have a continuous full-time employment record, eventually leading to my freelance web design career. In 19 years of employment, I've done work for a wide range of companies big and small, charities, and government organizations.

First Business

Right after college I went straight into starting my own web design business with a college friend. This had varying success, with lack of experience and apathy from local businesses toward the benefits of having a website, leading us to eventually closing the business after two years. I learned a lot during this time, and gained a solid foundation in the field of web design, deciding to seek employment in the field to develop my career.

Sirius Concept Ltd

I then took a job with a small local software company called Sirius Concepts Ltd, with duties including; web design, web development, report design, graphic design, and software development. I also managed projects, dealt with clients, and had some involvement in the accounting side of things. Intending to work there for a few years to gain experience before starting my own business, I ended up staying for 11 years. During this time I learned a lot about web design and related fields, gaining a wide range of experience. Just what I needed to be a freelance web designer.

Freelance Web Design

I had always wanted to work for myself and run my own business. It's a big step to take, however when I moved from the UK to Canada it seemed like the perfect time. In between getting established in my new home, I spent time getting my business started, officially starting in January 2012. The previous years of higher education and related employment have served me well, giving me a great start to my business. I've learned a huge amount since starting, and will continue to learn and develop the business to its full potential.


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