After high school, I went on to study Fine Art, Photography and Multimedia Computing. Each part of my education was beneficial to my final career path, and I still draw from what I learned back then.

Fine Art

Art had always been my favourite subject at school, and I decided to study Fine Art at college. I did a one year course, which taught me the fundamentals, with the intention of going on to do a degree in Fine Art. During the course, I became interested in photography and decided to focus on that instead.

Commercial Photography

I did a one year Commercial Photography course, learning more about composition, and unlike with Fine Art, the importance of perfection. With art you are free to put literally anything on the canvas, with Commercial Photography everything has to be perfectly positioned and rendered. I decided not to pursue a career in photography because I became more interested in graphic design.

Multimedia Computing

I completed a two year Higher National Diploma course, one step below a degree in the UK, in Multimedia Computing. The internet was still getting started at this point, already huge, but not in the public consciousness like now. This course focused on Multimedia Computing, which included; graphic design, interactive CD-ROMs (a precursor to websites), and general programming skills. Although this course was not specifically web design related, I learned the fundamentals of graphic design, programming and page layout. I decided not to continue my Multimedia Computing course to the degree level, instead going straight to starting my own web design business with a college friend.


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